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Feb 7, 2024

Transitioning from Academia to Startup

Transitioning from academia to a startup environment presents several challenges. One significant hurdle is the cultural shift; startups often operate in a fast-paced and dynamic setting, contrasting with the more structured environment of academia. Financial uncertainty is another concern, as startups may offer lower salaries and come with a higher level of financial risk compared to academic positions. Role ambiguity is prevalent in startups, where employees might be expected to take on multiple responsibilities, requiring adaptability to versatile job roles. Limited resources in startups, including tools and support systems, can be a departure from the well-equipped academic environment. The acceptance of risk and failure, different communication styles, the absence of a rigid structure, pressure for quick decision-making, and the need to develop an entrepreneurial mindset are additional challenges that individuals may face during this transition. Adapting to these differences requires flexibility, a proactive approach to learning, and a keen awareness of the unique aspects of startup culture. Seeking mentorship, networking within the startup community, and actively engaging with the challenges can aid in a successful transition.

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Date and Time
February 7, 2024, 4:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Denovo Biopharma, 10240 Science Center Drive, San Diego, CA 92121

About this Event

Title: Transitioning from Academia to Startup

Date: Feb 7 (Wednesday), 2024, 4:30-7:30 PM PT

Address: Denovo Biopharma, 10240 Science Center Drive, San Diego, CA 92121


  16:30    Light dinner and social networking

  17:00    Introducing SABPA EPC and speaker

  17:05    Transitioning from Academia to Startup (Dr. MyPhuong Le ,  President and  Cofounder of Aquillius; Dr. Leah Villegas, Managing Partner)

  18:00    Open discussion and social networking

  19:30    Adjourn

ØFree food and drink will be provided.

ØOnsite venue limited to 50 participants on a first-come-first-serve basis.

ØRegistration required; Free of charge.



Aquillius is an innovation hub for life science, medtech, and technology companies. Aquillius’ mission is to help accelerate the integration of life sciences and engineering​ to create innovative solutions that can improve human health. ​​At Aquillius, the focus is on helping entrepreneurs to streamline product development towards commercialization by supporting early R&D to manufacturing to market strategy.

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Event facility sponsor: Denovo Biopharma

Sponsor:  KACTUS Bio, 

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