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Key Account Sales Representative

Status: Archived
LocationRemote (California)
How to Apply

If you are interested in this job opportunity, please send your application to 

Position responsibilities / Major duties:

1、Complete the sales and payback work in the established area. 

2、Master the relevant customer resources in this industry, including NGS field and biopharmaceutical and molecular biology related fields, etc. 

3、Responsible for understanding customer needs, identifying customer pain points, and clarifying the opportunities in the regional market. 

4、Responsible for designing the overall solution to meet the customer's pain points and matching their own advantages according to the customer's needs to achieve the regional performance target. 

Work Environment:

Employee will be required to travel on business trip.

Position Type:

This is a full-time, exempt position.

Required skills:

Strong interpersonal communication and negotiation skills

Strong MS Excel, Word, and PowerPoint skills

Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail

Required Education and Experience:

  1. B2B sales experience in the bio industry;

2、A background in biology, immunology, biochemistry, food, medical related majors, bachelor degree or above is preferred;

3、Proactive, strong driving force and good ability to handle and solve complex problems.

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