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August Newsletter 2023

August 1, 2023


Dear SABPA Friends,


SABPA is pleased to present you the following in this newsletter:

  1. Please VOTE for the 2023 SABPA Board Election

  2. The 22nd San Diego Biopharma Conference

  3. Join Industry Leaders at ChinaBio Partnering Forum: Where Opportunities Unfold

  4. Recap of the SABPA EPC's recent Monthly Salon



1. Please VOTE for the 2023 SABPA Board Election


SABPA Board of Directors (BOD), which includes 21 Directors, is the governing body that oversees the activities and strategic planning of the SABPA organization. Each director will serve for a three-year term.


Online voting:


Active SABPA members are eligible to vote by signing into their membership account by clicking here.



August 23rd, 2023: Online voting starts 

September 13th, 2023: Online voting closes 

September 15th, 2023: Announcement of Election outcome



Please note that the new voting schedule has been published, and we kindly request all members to refer to the updated timeline for casting their votes. Your participation is highly valued, and we appreciate your understanding regarding this change. 


2023 SABPA BOD Election Committee

Haojun Fu, Chair

Jian Liu and Yang Liu, Co-Chairs






2. The 22nd San Diego Biopharma Conference


SABPA will present you with The 22nd San Diego Biopharma Conference this September



September 30, 2023, 9:00 am - September 30, 2023, 5:00 pm 



Hilton San Diego/Del Mar, 15575 Jimmy Durante Blvd, Del Mar, CA



Regular: $60, Onsite Regular: $80, Student: $30, Onsite Student: $40



San Diego BioPharma Conference's mission is to have industry and academic experts meet to discuss the latest breakthroughs, innovations, and opportunities within the field.


Topics include protein homeostasis in neurodegeneration, histidine phosphorylation in cancer therapy, the establishment of biotech start-ups within venture-funded incubators, and more. This event presents a unique opportunity to acquire knowledge, expand professional networks, and actively contribute to the ongoing transformation within the biopharmaceutical industry.


Please click here for registration and take the first step toward boosting professional development and remaining at the forefront of innovation.











3. Join Industry Leaders at the ChinaBio Partnering Forum: Where Opportunities Unfold


Taking place in Shanghai, China, this September 20—21, 2023, ChinaBio® Partnering Forum will grant the global biopharma community the opportunity to broaden their reach into the China life science market through unmatched cross-border partnerships. Engage with over 800 leading experts in biopharma in attendance and discover over 1,500 potential one-to-one meetings.


Register today with the exclusive VIP code "CBPFTSABPA15" and delight in an extra 15% discount on top of any ongoing promotions for all access tickets. 




4. Recap of the SABPA EPC's recent Monthly Salon


The SABPA EPC Monthly Salon offers SABPA members a distinct networking opportunity that diverges from conventional seminar setups. Encouraging casual discussions and exchanges on diverse subjects, the EPC Salon is an ideal platform for cultivating fresh connections, delving into career prospects, and fostering innovation. This salon occurs on the first Thursday of every month.


The inaugural monthly EPC salon on June 8, sponsored by Vazyme, featured Dr. Yu Geng, the founder of ProSci Inc. He shared insights from his 25-year journey, detailing the inception, growth, and eventual exit of ProSci Inc. He focused on pivotal factors, optimal timing, and key opportunities spanning from inception to culmination.


The second monthly EPC salon on July 6 welcomed Dr. Haiyan Tang, the managing partner of Quinn Emanuel’s Shanghai Office. She brought her expertise in crucial legal considerations for startups. Her presentation delivered invaluable insights and strategic guidance for skillfully navigating potential legal disputes and curtailing compliance risks. Noteworthy topics included a comprehensive overview of startup areas of concern, pivotal strategies for safeguarding intellectual property, licensing agreements, and compliance matters. Participants left with pragmatic knowledge to shield their ventures and nurture sustainable growth.


The third monthly SABPA EPC salon was successfully held on August 3. Different from the previous two events, the August happy hour was a networking event with no formal speaker or agenda. Over 40 people attended the event on a Thursday evening. Many new connections were made at the event, along with thoughtful scientific exchanges and discussions. The attendees enjoyed each other’s company and delicious refreshments, including the largest (28-inch) pizza found in San Diego. We would like to thank our sponsor TargetMol Chemicals Inc. for making the event possible and all the participants for your active engagement.


SABPA EPC Committee







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