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2021 SABPA BOD Election Results

September 6, 2021

Congratulations to the elected SABPA 2021 BOD Members!

The SABPA Board of Directors (BOD), which includes 21 Directors, is the governing body that oversees the activities and strategic planning of the SABPA organization. Each director will serve for a three-year term.

In 2021, Five (5) seats were open for election.

Nine SABPA member-nominated and qualified candidates participated in the election this year. Based on the votes by SABPA members, the following candidates were elected as board directors (listed in alphabetical order) in 2021:

BPA BOD Election Committee

Guang Chen

Hua Gong

Yi Liu

Yang Liu

Tao Wu

The 2021 SABPA BOD Election Committee sincerely appreciates all candidates for their strong leadership and remarkable contributions to SABPA's success and their participation in 2021 SABPA BOD election. The committee is also grateful to SABPA members for their voting and participation. Congratulations to re-elected and newly elected directors!

2021 SA


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